The motivation for this history is four-fold; to tell the story of making the decision to build a school, to describe the actual construction of the school and to detail the school board and the school operation.  The final reason for writing this booklet was to have it included on the internet so that the history would be available free of charge for all time.
While writing this book the author was limited by the information available on Arden Leigh School.  The board’s meeting minutes were the primary source of information while a previous document “The History and Memories of Arden Leigh School S.D. 5015, 1934-82” also provided valuable information on names of the first attending students, the teachers, the district families, the trustees, chairmen and those who served as secretary-treasurer, janitor and attendance officer.
The author’s enrolment at the school from 1943-1952 for grades one to eleven as well as teaching students from this school during 1954-56 school years provided considerable first hand information.
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